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This week was a busy week, one that asked me to think about this, about that, to not forget this and that, to take actions, being awake. My brain producing Beta Waves all the time to keep me awake and productive. Storm at night holding me back from long deep sleep.
And I noticed that I was longing for some quiet time, to go more within, that all this being without didn’t make me feel good, made me tired and irritated and all at the sudden Wunjo showed me how, when the little Kenaz is on top, I am fully awake, being in Beta State, when it goes down half stav, me going down into Alpha State, going down to the bottom, me going down into Theta State, the Dreamstate.

And this for me fits very well with what we can find on Internet as a meaning of Wunjo being a Blossom carrying twig. A blossom carrying twig, Blossom going into Bloom, Bloom into Fruition, Fruition into Decay, also different States of Being and that, yes, there is a certain time for all these phases.

The Runes over and over again show me the ongoing movement of Nature’s cycles, the ongoing changing of Nature’s Rhythms and I thank my body for being my Guide in this continuing Dance of different Rhythms and Timing.