About Isa Woman with the Drum

“She Who Runs With The Herds
She comes from a time of ice, a time when great herds of reindeer crossed from mainland Europe across the land to Britain. 
She comes from a long line of priestesses who followed the herds and her descendants can still follow the ancestral tracks between the worlds hundreds of years since the reindeer died out.
She Who Runs With the Herds holds that ancestral knowledge, the guardian to the mysteries of the antlered kin – she is the female leading the herd, the priestess leading her people.”
Jude Lally

It was at Winter Solstice 2014 that Isa came my way. In the turmoil of changes She came to me with the message to sit and be still.
Be still and listen, Listen and feel. No plans, no solutions, just sit and be still.
It was at night before falling asleep that She invited me to come and stand on the Ice with Her experiencing spaciousness, feeling clarity and noticing under the Ice some soft rippling of the Waters, deep down below.
She helped me to slow down, to wait and watch things appear instead of pushing them into form. She helped me to wait for things to be ripened and ready to harvest or to let die. She helped me to stand strong in all this waiting and to always find my way back to the Center, the Center of my life, the Center of Life.

But ISA is more than Ice only.
For me ISA is also representing the Volva, Woman with the Stav/Staff.
You can read more about this in a Blog posted June 13, 2016.

WOMAN WITH THE DRUM – In the Beginning She was….
Like the Rhythm of the Stav can Guide us into the Inner World so can the Drum.
It was in the summer of 2014 that I met Woman with the Drum deep down inside.
You can read more about this in the first Writing on this Blog posted January 31, 2015.
It was not until 2017 that I would meet the Drum of the North. A Drum made the Northern European way by Drum Maker Michelle Meister (Portland, OR, USA)

In the meantime Bees flew into my life teaching me the sacred alchemy of transmuting nectar into hney, trasforming the heavy metals of life into gold.
Teaching me about the life in the hive and about life as a solitary bee.
Society and individuality and a healthy dynamic between the two.

And the Wheel is turning and I’m turning with it and other guides came my way, the Runes and more Beings of the North guiding me back home, back to the north and its ancient wisdom.
I started researching my ancestral heritage and discovered that Reindeer People lived in the area my later ancestors would be born, that the reindeer People are my ancestors.
It is the Antlered Female Reindeer who is leading the Herd knowing the pathways, it is Her who is guiding us on our Ways, if its physical ways, mental or spiritual. And so I came to understand that the reindeer Mother has always guided me and finally guided me back Home.
Now as a daughter of the north I am following the Reindeer Trods.
She who runs with the Herds is my Ancestral Mother.


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