BeFriending Hela

With the sound of a howling wolf you release your last Breath and all that is left is silence.
Things come into motion as happens when someone has died. I’m sitting in a chair, holding your waistcoat like a child, cradling myself, tears falling from my eyes without sound. Then they take the waistcoat away from me leaving my arms and heart behind like an empty space.
When people are gone I walk towards the bed and all at the sudden while laying my hand on your arm a face appears in front of me, a life-threatening face, looking mean with ears made of sharp claws, grinning, ready to jump on me and to dig its claws deep in me. I am so scared but I keep looking at it because at that very moment my hand let me Know that it lays on an arm of a dead body and I realize that this frightening image is inside of me. And so I keep looking until it disappears.

When Fear has gone a Door is opened to another reality.

I now feel a sun shining warm in my face. It isn’t the sun from outside for I’m sitting with my back towards the windows. Turning my head I don’t feel the warmth anymore. Only when I Face it its there.
I ask my sister if she also feels this warm shining sun but she doesn’t.
This is your Gift to me.



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