“To watch the arrival of spring after a long cold winter is to know the Magic of Berkana.
To watch a mother dog push a runt from the litter and refuse to feed it is to know the Wisdom of Berkana.”
From: Runes Revealed by Ingrid Kincaid, The Rune Woman

The Wheel is turning and I am turning with it.
Wunjo – Berkana – Wunjo
Looking at these three I’m stunned. It is 5 months ago that I embarked on this Journey The Great Wheel with the Runes and drew Rune(s) for each Dark Moon and Full Moon during a Lunar Year.
For this period of time I drew Wunjo (and Jera) for the October Full Moon, Berkana for the October Dark Moon and Wunjo again for the November Full Moon.

Looking at them, at their shapes, one can see clearly a relationship between the two. What do they want to tell me?
Wunjo we can see as a Flag at the top of a Flagpole. Now, a Flag can be moved by the slightest breeze, and the slightest breeze can be the start of a storm.
Moving the Flag, Changing weather, also in our own lives.

Looking at Wunjo-Berkana-Wunjo I know that I will need the Wisdom of Berkana to finally come to understand how to move the Flag of Wunjo and, wanting to change the weather in my life, to bring it into motion myself instead of waiting for something or someone else to do so.

The Wisdom of Berkana, knowing what to push off, what to simply leave behind, what to nurture and feed.
Like the Bees do in this very time of year. Pushing off the Drones for the Good of the Hive, for the Hive to survive this upcoming winter to thrive again and come fully back to life again at the arrival of the next spring.

The Wheel is turning and I am turning with it.


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