a href=””>I passed Christianity and re-entered the Land of my Pagan Ancestors.
Much is happening these days. So much, it can’t be caught in words yet.
With a few close Family Members I’ve visited Ancestral Places and so many things have been fallen into place in a way not to be expected.
Going down the line of registered Ancestors, what I find is that many of them, if not all, were very into church and that there was one special church of importance for my family, a so called Cross Church, a church with a cross shaped roof.

Today, in the midst of all the whirling, I all at the sudden had a moment of stand still and in the stillness of the eye of the storm I came to realise that I, during this time window between Full Moon and Dark Moon, this period in which I am so involved in my ancestral Journey, that I am working with the Rune Gebo, Gebo whose shape is a cross. Yes, it’s a different shape, but its a cross.

Not the cross of suffering and pain but one that whispers the many meanings of Gift and also “You Are The Gift”.
And in this very moment of holding the breath, Skadi is throwing the Arrow and I am following it beyond Christianity right into the Fertile Land of my Pagan Ancestry.
This Journeying Back into the Past has Gifted me a Welcoming Future.


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